Basement Storage Ideas

Learn how to organize the belongings in your basement with SubTropolis Storage. We will show you the best storage tips and methods to optimize your basement space. 

Basement Storage Ideas

Finished & Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Moisture-Proof Long-Term Storage

The basement is one of the best places to store your belongings. It’s cool, dry and dark. But, it can also be damp and humid. Moisture-proofing your basement storage is a great way to keep everything safe and sound. The first step in moisture-proofing your basement storage is to use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. These machines are fairly inexpensive, but they can be noisy and take up a lot of space. A better option is an electric dehumidifier that plugs into an outlet in the wall or the floor – it’s quieter than a traditional dehumidifier but still does an excellent job of removing excess moisture from the air.

Utilize Wall & Ceiling Space

Wall and ceiling space is often overlooked for storage. This is because people don’t think of the space as a storage space. However, if you have an unfinished basement, this can be a great way to store items. Wall and ceiling space is perfect for things like holiday decorations, sports equipment, seasonal clothes, etc. Shelves and pegboards can assist with hanging these items so they are out the way. 

Install a Clothing Rack

As the weather heats up and cools down, your wardrobe needs to keep pace. Make sure you have a clothing rack for all those out-of-season items – it’ll help store them wrinkle-free so they’re ready when needed. Find a suitable spot in the basement that is easily accessible – then bringing back those cozy sweaters or outdoor gear will be as good as new next season. If the clothing rack becomes full, hang the remaining clothing items in a closet or install more hooks in the basement. 

Section Off the Room

Basements are an ideal spot for storage, due to their cool and dark conditions. If you have a lot of items that need organization, room dividers can come in handy. Set up separate zones for sports equipment or holiday decorations – plus they offer privacy if your basement is unfinished! For further convenience and comfortability when working on projects down there, consider adding curtains which help keep out light while still allowing access to the distinct spaces throughout your basement.

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